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[오토핫키] 메모리 및 포인터 오프셋 읽어오기

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#샘플 코드

; The contents of this file can be copied directly into your script. Alternately, you can copy the classMemory.ahk file into your library folder,
; in which case you will need to use the #include directive in your script i.e. 
#Include <classMemory>
; You can use this code to check if you have installed the class correctly.
if (_ClassMemory.__Class != "_ClassMemory")
    msgbox class memory not correctly installed. Or the (global class) variable "_ClassMemory" has been overwritten
; Open a process with sufficient access to read and write memory addresses (this is required before you can use the other functions)
; You only need to do this once. But if the process closes/restarts, then you will need to perform this step again.
; .isHandleValid() can be used to check if program has restarted.
; Note: The program identifier can be any AHK windowTitle i.e.ahk_exe, ahk_class, ahk_pid, or simply the window title. 
; Unlike AHK this defaults to an exact match, but this can be changed via the passed parameter.
; hProcessCopy is an optional variable in which the opened handled is stored. 
; *****  change FTLGAME.exe to your process name ******
mem := new _ClassMemory("ahk_exe FTLGAME.exe", "", hProcessCopy) ; *****
; Check if the above method was successful.
if !isObject(mem) 
    msgbox failed to open a handle
    if (hProcessCopy = 0)
        msgbox The program isn't running (not found) or you passed an incorrect program identifier parameter. 
    else if (hProcessCopy = "")
        msgbox OpenProcess failed. If the target process has admin rights, then the script also needs to be ran as admin. Consult A_LastError for more information.
; read a pointer - mem.BaseAddress is automatically set to the base address.
value := + 0x00B8C83C, "UInt", 0x0, 0xA8, 0x3FC)
msgbox val = %value%

  • PS. classMemory.ahk 파일은 내문서\[사용자명]\doucuments\autohotkey\lib 폴더? 에 첨부
  • PS2. 실행중 오류발생시 관리자권한으로 실행

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